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Tortious Interference

Tortious interference is when one party interferes with the contractual or business relationships of another party. In order to qualify as tortious interference, the interfering party must act (Read on)

Past Terms: Tangible Personal PropertyTexas v. Johnson (1989)Sex Offender

Everything You Need to Know About Expungement

Is a record of arrest and criminal charges affecting your personal or professional life? Well, perhaps you could get that part of your history erased. Find out everything you need to know about expungement in Pennsylvania.
SSDI Claims: When You Need an Attorney

You do not always need a disability lawyer to file your disability claim. However, under certain circumstances, it is essential to have an attorney on your side. Find out when and why you'll need one.
An Overview of Unlawful Confinement

Unlawful confinement is a serious crime. Here, we take a look at the definition of unlawful confinement, its similarity to certain other crimes, and the legal consequences associated with it.
4 Types of Warrants to Know

A warrant is a court order that gives permission and instructions to law enforcement officers to perform certain actions. There are different kinds of warrants and, as a citizen, it is crucial to know the difference between them. Find out more here.
INFOGRAPHIC: The Strangest Personal Injury Claims

A depressed thief, fear from a TV show, an uncooked finger... these cases make up some of the strangest personal injury claims you've ever heard or read about! Check them all out in this infographic.
The 10 Most Notorious Wrongful Convictions (and Why They Happened)

A wrongful conviction is one of the worst things that could happen to a person. Justipedia takes a look at the most notorious of such cases and why they happened.
Top DUI/DWI Legal Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Want to learn more about DUI/DWI law, news and insight? We've compiled a list of the most influential attorneys and resources who are talking about it on Twitter.
9 Common Questions About Indictments

Indictments usually lead to full criminal trials, which can lead to severe legal punishments. So, many people often have questions about indictments, the indictment process and the implications of indictments. Here are some answers to those questions.
Understanding Breach of Care

Patients injured due to the negligent actions of a medical professional may have the right to file a medical malpractice claim and receive compensation for their injuries. But first you have to prove certain things. Find out more here.
4 Steps to Credit Repair

Is your credit score very low? Credit repair can involve some simple steps and would significantly improve your situation. We've got some some tips to help you get back on track; read on to find out more.
Can an Online Business Review be Considered Defamation?

Was a damaging online review posted about your business? Before you take any action, familiarize yourself with defamation, libel and slander. Learn more in this article by Justipedia.
INFOGRAPHIC: Fascinating Facts about Class Action Lawsuits

Did you know that collective lawsuits originated in the USA and continue to be a mainly U.S. phenomenon? Find out more in this inforgraphic by the Webb Law Group, which shares some fascinating facts about class action lawsuits.
9 Steps to Filing for Divorce

Once the decision has been made to file for divorce, there are a number of steps that must be taken if you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Find out more here.
The Legal Basics of Adoption

Whether you are considering a private adoption, a foster care adoption or an international one, adoption is a complex legal process. Find out who can adopt, who can be adopted, and what the initial phases of the adoption process are like.
5 Tricky Legal Situations that Student Loan Borrowers Need to Know

More than 40 million Americans are racking up $2,726 in student loan debt every second. And when it comes to student loans, what you don't know can hurt you. Here are 4 important legal and tax implications to be aware of.
Civil Law vs. Criminal Law

Wondering about the differences between civil law and criminal law? Here, we take a look at the origins of each field and answer some common questions about them.
The Top 5 Objections in Court Trials

How many times have we read, heard or seen the phrase, "Objection, your Honor!" in legal-themed media? In this article, we discuss the 5 most common reasons why an attorney will cry out these words in court.
Top Bankruptcy Attorneys/Resources to Follow on Twitter

Want to learn more about bankruptcy and how to avoid it? We've compiled a list of the most influential attorneys/resources who are talking about it on Twitter.
I Applied for SSDI... So Where Is My Check?

Millions of applicants file for SSDI and SSI benefits each year. Even if you do everything right, it's likely that you'll have to wait weeks, if not months, to receive your first disability benefit check. Find out what you can do to expedite the process.
6 Legal Considerations for Home Sellers

When it comes to selling your home, several legal rules and guidelines must be taken into account. Learn more about them in this article by Justipedia.
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Same-sex marriage is a marriage that is between people of the same gender. In the U.S., the legal right to allow a same-sex marriage was validated in June 2015. Read more

Tangible personal property refers to property that exists as a real-life entity as opposed to being conceptual, or in a form that only exists as data. For example, Read more

Tortious interference is when one party interferes with the contractual or business relationships of another party. In order to qualify as tortious interference, Read more

Reasonable accommodation refers to an employer's legal responsibility to make accommodations for people with disabilities or certain religious beliefs. An employer Read more

A letter of transmittal is a letter that is sent with something as a formal indication that the particular thing has been sent. In a legal context, transmittal Read more
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