Question: Who will be able to see the record of my case?

Benson Varghese: If you receive a conviction for your offense, it will be a public record. That public record is available to anyone who goes down to the clerk’s office in your local county or jurisdiction. Additionally, when you are convicted of an offense, the state is notified, and the state maintains a record on every person who has a criminal history. That will also be available to anyone who does a criminal history search or a background check on you. Your local agencies will maintain the information that led to your conviction. There are many private companies that will also purchase that information and make it available to individuals who subscribe or pay for a background search.

So, once you have a conviction, it’s a piece of information that’s available to anyone who is willing to go out and get it. There are many ways to resolve a case without a conviction, and that’s generally why you meet with an attorney quickly—to see if you can avoid a conviction.