Civil rights law is an area of law that has multiple components. It can include equal rights regardless of race, gender or country of national origin. It can include protection against discrimination in the workplace and workplace retaliation. It also includes social hotbed issues regarding racial concerns, racial justice and social justice.

This list is based on Twitter data culled according to content, frequency of tweets and our own subjective judgment. Some influential voices were not included because they’re not active on Twitter or tweet about civil rights law sporadically. Our goal is to bring you the best possible stream of civil rights news, analyses and insights.

Bryan Chapman
Bryan Chapman is a civil rights attorney from Washington, D.C., who represents employees in discrimination lawsuits.

California Civil Rights Law Group
This group is headed by Lawrence A. Organ, a four-year Super Lawyer and one of the Top Attorneys in Northern California according to San Francisco Magazine.

Chai Feldblum
Chai Feldblum is a former Georgetown Law professor. Her Twitter account discusses civil rights and equal employment opportunities.

Deuel Ross
A civil rights attorney with the NAACP in New York City. His Twitter feed includes a mix of voting rights, police brutality and updates on recent and important civil rights cases.

Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders is the lead attorney of The Sanders Firm P.C. He practices civil rights law in the areas of employment, gender, race and ethnicity. Sanders recently received the Prestigious Man of the Year award from The Culvert Chronicles, USA.

James Radford
A Georgia-based civil rights attorney in Decatur. His feed includes recent case rulings for educational rights and information about workplace discrimination.

Jay Readey
Readey is a civil rights attorney from Chicago. His Twitter feed provides information and retweets about equal opportunity housing, educational issues and social equality.

Lena F. Masri, Esq.
Human rights activist, Lena Masri, is an attorney located in Detroit. She advocates for freedom of religion and for equal rights for Muslims. She’s also a member of the American-Islamic Relations council.

Lurie Daniel Favors
Lurie Daniel Favors is a civil rights attorney, speaker and writer. Her Twitter feed focuses on racism and racial justice.

M. Lorena Gonzalez
The first Latina elected to the Seattle City Council. Prior to running for Seattle’s City Council, Gonzalez provided civil rights legal work for women, older employees, low-wage employees and people of color in employment, wage theft and gender discrimination suits. She also organized a bilingual legal clinic to provide services to low-income Seattle citizens. In 2010, she received the WSBA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Maggie McLetchie
McLetchie is an integral part of McLetchie Shell, LLC located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her feed consists primarily of criminal law cases that should receive or have received a second look.

Martin & Martin, LLP
This Los Angeles-based firm provides representation and defense of civil rights for individuals that experienced discrimination based on their race, gender, country of origin, religious beliefs, disability and/or age.

Natalie Jackson
Natalie Jackson is a civil rights attorney located in Orlando, Florida. She is part of the Women’s Trial Group. Her Twitter feed focuses on racial problems and justice.

People’s Law Office
A law firm that provides information about civil rights, police brutality and wrongful convictions. It also provides defense work for activists. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Rathod | Mohamedbhai
Provides civil rights representation to people in legal disputes with the government. This includes defense of rights granted by the Constitution; civil rights for parolees, inmates and prisoners; and accommodation discrimination.

Sirine Shebaya
Shebaya is a civil rights lawyer in Washington, D.C. She works with the ACLU in Maryland. Her feed focuses on the civil rights of immigrants and racial justice.

Shayan Modarres
Founder of The Modarres Law Firm (Florida and Maryland). He tweets about racial justice, racism and police brutality.

Subodh Chandra
Subodh Chandra is the named partner of The Chandra Law Firm, LLC located in Cleveland, Ohio. Chandra’s Twitter feed discusses civil rights cases related primarily to police brutality.

Tom Perez
The 26th Labor Secretary of the United States, Perez is also a civil rights attorney. His Twitter feed demonstrates his passion for ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity in the workplace.

Yetta Kurland
Kurland is a civil rights attorney in New York City. Her feed discusses civil rights, employment issues and legal concerns related to the rights of the LGBTQ community.

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