Immigration law refers to federal government rules that determine who is allowed to enter the U.S. and for how long; the naturalization process for those who want to become citizens; and detention and removal proceedings. Due to the rapidly changing nature of immigration law, it is a specialized practice among attorneys.

This list is based on Twitter data culled according to content, follower/following ratios, frequency of tweets, blog popularity, the opinions of other immigration experts and influencers, as well as our own subjective judgment.

Note: Some influential voices are not included, either because they don't have active Twitter accounts, or because they only tweet about immigration sporadically. Here, our goal is to provide the best possible stream of immigration law news, analyses and insight.

Official Twitter account for the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), a national association of 13,500 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law.

Alex Nowrasteh
Immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

Angelo Paparelli
Immigration partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Blogs at

Ben Winograd
Attorney at the Immigration & Refugee Appellate Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

B. Hing & K. Johnson
Official Twitter feed for ImmigrationProf Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network. Bill O. Hing and Kevin R. Johnson are both Professors of Law.

Brian D. Lerner
Immigration and deportation attorney from Los Angeles.

Bruce Coane
Immigration and employment lawyer in Miami and Houston.

CAP Immigration
Official Twitter feed about immigration policy from the Center for American Progress.

Charles Kuck
An immigration lawyer, law professor and advocate for immigrants and immigration reform. Blogs at

Cyrus Mehta
Founder and managing attorney of Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC in New York City. Blogs at

Dara Lind
Reporter covering immigration and criminal justice for Find her work at

Daniel M. Kowalksi
Editor-in-chief of Bender's Immigration Bulletin, online content editor/contributor to the LexisNexis Immigration Law Community. Blogs at

David Leopold
Founder and principal at David Wolfe Leopold & Associates in Cleveland. Blogs at

Elise Foley
Politics and immigration reporter for the Huffington Post. Read her work at

Frank Sharry
Immigrant rights advocate. Founder and executive director of America's Voice.

Grace Meng
Immigration researcher and "recovering lawyer" at Human Rights Watch.

Greg Siskind
Founding partner of Siskind Susser, PC, which operates in Tennessee and Georgia. Author of several books on immigration law. Blogs at

Immigration Lawyer
Twitter feed for Rose H. Robbins, J.D., an immigration lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida.

Jacob Sapochnick
An immigration lawyer, speaker and podcaster. Blogs at

Jessica Dominguez
An immigration attorney & expert on Univision's Despierta America and Primer Impacto in Los Angeles. Blogs at (Tweets are in Spanish.)

John Manley
An immigration attorney and member of the AILA, an Ambassador to the American Immigration Council in Los Angeles, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Immigration Law Section at the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Joshua L. Goldstein
A Boston-based immigration lawyer and an active member of the New England Chapter of the AILA.

Julia Preston
National immigration correspondent at the New York Times.

Karen Pollak
Immigration attorney at Bell Nunnally in Dallas, Texas. Blogs at

Marielena Hincapié
Executive Director of the National Immigration Law Center and immigrant's rights attorney in Los Angeles.

Matthew Kolken
Immigration reform activist and trial lawyer at Kolken & Kolken in Buffalo, New York. Blogs at

Twitter feed for Ruchi Thaker, an immigration attorney in New York City.

USA Immigration
Twitter feed for Adam Edward Rothwell, an immigration attorney and active member of the AILA in Baltimore. Author of Legal Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way.

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