What are the types of workers' compensation benefits available?


What are the types of workers' compensation benefits available?


Employers are bound by law to provide insurance benefits that workers can use if they suffer an on-the-job injury or illness. While many workers know that this insurance is in place for such emergencies, they may fail to appreciate the different kinds of coverage at their disposal.

If a person has become sick or injured as a result of their employment, this individual can get the help that they need by understanding the different types of workers' compensation benefits available to employees today.

Medical Coverage

Someone who has suffered an employment-related health condition can claim medical benefits that will help cover any subsequent medical expenses such as X-rays, blood tests, medications, equipment like wheelchairs and crutches, and even hospital stays.

However, to claim these benefits, employers often require that employees go to a company-approved hospital, medical clinic or doctor, rather than their personal physician or preferred hospital. If they see a provider who is not affiliated with the company, they could be responsible for paying their own medical bills.

Rehabilitation Benefits

People whose injuries warrant significant recovery periods and rehabilitation services can claim rehab benefits to cover these expenses. To claim coverage for rehabilitation, employees are often required to use services that are in-network with the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance.

Nonetheless, they can expect to have all of their rehab stays and therapeutic sessions paid for entirely by this coverage, allowing them to focus on exercising and getting better without having to worry excessively about how much all of their services are costing them.

Temporary or Permanent Disability Payments

In addition to having all of their medical and rehab expenses covered, injured workers can also expect to have some or all of their lost wages covered by workers' compensation. If they and their physicians anticipate that they will be able to return to work one day in the future, these individuals could claim temporary disability payments to make up for the wages that they will miss out on while they are recovering.

However, if they are permanently disabled as a result of an on-the-job injury, and cannot return to work, these individuals could request permanent disability benefits to provide them with a source of income. Many people who are hurt at work are awarded these benefits within weeks after being hurt. They can speed up the process and claim benefits sooner if they retain a personal injury or worker’s compensation attorney to help them with their case.

People go to work each day without anticipating getting hurt or sick because of their employment. However, when people do suffer a work-related health condition, they can focus on getting better and moving on with their lives by knowing what kinds of workers' compensation benefits are available to them.

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