A. Melton Law, PC

Attorney Amy Melton and her team help people and families with family law, divorce, and criminal defense law issues. Attorney Melton uses her experience, winning courtroom trial record, and love of the law to help her clients. She understands that each and every case is different, and every legal situation is unique. Attorney Melton brings sensitivity, open and honest communication, thoroughness, preparation as well as passion and compassion to her law practice and to her clients.

Attorney Melton is very comfortable in the courtroom, and she is very familiar with the local judges and prosecutors. You can learn more about her winning trial record here! In addition to having more than 15 years of trial experience in many legal areas, attorney Melton is highly skilled in legal research, thereby ensuring that we advise you on all of your options which are based on current law, not on law which has changed. Attorney Melton has a true passion for the law and for doing her best to help her clients. Attorney Melton will be prepared for court, knows the local judges and their expectations, and will use effective legal strategies in presenting her clients’ cases.

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