Ackerman Law Office, P.C

Ackerman Law Offices was named a Super Lawyers in Illinois. Only 5% of the attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers. Ackerman Law Offices was named one of the Top Attorneys In Illinois by Super Lawyers, Law and Politics, and the publishers of Chicago Magazine.

At Ackerman Law Office we believe that our attorneys should give back to the community, and so we do. Our founding partner, James Ackerman, is the host of the WMAY show Let's Talk Law. Pod casts of the show are available here. He is on the Board of Managers of theIllinois Trial Lawyers Association. He is also on the tort committee for the Illinois State Bar Association, who helps to sponsor his radio show. He is aware of the issues his clients will have before they come up. He has seen, and fought against the concerted propaganda campaigns of the tort reformers. He has personally gone over to the Illinois legislature to help explain bills to the legislature. He has personally helped to draft legislation that the Illinois Trial Lawyers wanted to get passed.

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