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DUI arrest? Domestic Violence case? Drug charge? Traffic Violations? Contact Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney-At-Law, LLC – Your DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer in S.E. Arizona

  • Criminal Defense
  • DUIs, Drugs, DVs
  • Driving Under the Influence/Impaired to the Slightest Degree
  • Driving Under the Influence/Alcochol (Over the Legal Limit, Extreme BAC, Super-Extreme BAC)
  • Driving Under the Influence/Drugs (Street Drugs, Legal Drugs: Prescription Rx Medications, Rx Drugs without a Prescription, Medical Marijuana) D
  • Driving Under the Influence/Prior DUI Conviction
  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Aggravated (Felony) DUI
  • Domestic Violence (D.V.)
  • Violating a Court Order/Interfering With Judicial Proceedings (Violating a Court Order/Order of Protection/Restraining Order)
  • Drug Offenses (Street Drugs, Rx Drugs without a Prescription, Marijuana, Cocaine, Pills)
  • Driving on a Suspended License
  • Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving
  • Criminal Speeding, Civil Speeding
  • Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing the Peace
  • Shoplifting, Theft
  • Prostitution, Solicitation

Whether you stopped on this page because you are facing a criminal case or traffic case (criminal or civil) or because a loved one is, please be assured that I can defend you with your matters in South East Arizona. I have decades of experience and know how to competently and ethically fight for the best possible resolution for you on these issues. Whether the person who needs a criminal defense lawyer is an Adult or a Juvenile, I can help. Whether the matter is a Misdemeanor or Felony, I can help. Whether the matter is Pre-Trial/Pre-Disposition or Post -Trial/Post-Disposition – such as a Probation Violation or Modification of Sentence, I can help. Whether the matter is for Court or for Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, such as an Admin Per Se Driver License Suspension Hearing, I can help.

When you need help, contact Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney-At-Law, LLC, Because Good People Make Mistakes.

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