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You are a hard worker. You pride yourself on your professional abilities. But, in spite of your accomplishments, you have been treated unfairly at work. Perhaps you have been discriminated against due to your race, religion, or age. You may have even been sexually harassed or unjustly terminated. When your job fails to offer a fair and equal working environment, the employment law attorneys at the Arcé Law Group are here to be your staunch legal advocates in your workplace sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wrongful termination or civil rights litigation claim. Our New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania labor & employment lawyers are on your side, working tirelessly to get you full compensation for your legal claim.

As a tenacious and aggressive employment law firm based in New York & New Jersey, The Arcé Law Group represents victims of workplace discrimination, employment sexual harassment, wrongful termiantion and violations of labor laws such as FLSA and FMLA. Our employment law legal staff is comprised of talented labor & employment law attorneys passionate about providing NJ, NY, D.C. and PA employees with the respect they deserve.

The employment law attorneys at the Arcé Law Group, P.C. serves clients in and around Newark, Jersey City, and Princeton, New Jersey. Our lawyers also handle cases in New York City, New York, Washington D.C., and the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. We are equipped to bring your case to state or federal court, as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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