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A professional and caring team with fourteen years of experience equipped to handle all Family Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Contract Litigation throughout the State of Georgia.

You deserve professional personal service from a dedicated team that will provide you with aggressive advocacy. Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group will fight for your case and your rights throughout the State of Georgia.

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At Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group we understand that legal problems are rarely enjoyable or anticipated and have the potential to overwhelm people. Navigating the law and keeping up on

new legislation regarding your individual circumstances is daunting, but it doesn't have to be when you have a dedicated team by your side. We will guide you through the court's processes and procedures in relation to your personal circumstances and assist you in every step of the way to resolve your legal issues.

We understand that not all attorneys are easy to work with when you're facing legal matters. Some lawyers may even have you work more with their assistants or paralegals instead of spending quality time with you handling your case and probing you for the information we need to assist you. At the Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group at Jaffe Law Center, LLC, we value personal attention and hard work on our client's accounts. Every client receives an equal opportunity to work with our lead attorney to ensure you receive the experienced leadership on your case that you deserve.

Our firm will provide representation in all Civil and Criminal areas including: Divorce-Custody-Support-Marital Issues, Criminal Defense (State and Federal), Personal Injury-Auto Accidents-Wrongful Death, Breach of Contract, and more.

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