Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson & Fletes, LLC

The firm has offices in Overland Park, Kansas; Kansas City, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri, to serve the needs of our local and regional clients. Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson, & Fletes, LLC provides comprehensive services, at both the trial and appellate court levels, in cases ranging from large complex litigation or business disputes, to all types of personal injury and property damage claims. The firm services a diverse client base with issues involving products liability, labor, workers' compensation, insurance, real estate, civil rights, employment, construction, personal injury, environment, family and divorce law. In addition, the firm provides a full range of personal services to individual clients, including the preparation of wills, trusts and related arrangements, estate and financial planning, adoption, probate and general problem solving.

Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson, & Fletes, LLC is well-known as a trial law firm in the region. Our trial practice includes a broad range of business and tort litigation and appellate practice in the state and federal courts of Kansas and Missouri. We are proud of our reputation and the results that we obtain for our clients. We believe that proper preparation is the foundation for successful litigation. The firm utilizes experience and hard work to thoroughly represent every client in every dispute.

We are thoroughly familiar with the responsibilities of insurance defense counsel and the needs of our insurance clients for complete and timely information. We are experienced in following company policies with regard to claim analysis, budgeting, reporting and billing.

As trial lawyers, we encounter people everyday who have been injured by defective products and premises, toxic chemicals, or careless and reckless acts of other persons. We have successfully defended individuals, companies and professionals accused of causing injuries and we have also recovered substantial amounts on behalf of personal injury or property damage victims. Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson & Fletes believe that we gain a unique expertise and added perspective from representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

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