Berkshire Law Office

The Berkshire Law Office, based in Phoenix, AZ is committed to helping our clients with all areas of family law, including divorce (dissolution of marriage), high net-worth divorce, legal separation, annulment, spousal maintenance, legal decision-making (custody)/parenting time issues, property division, orders of protection and pre-nuptial agreements.

In Family Court, or in the Court of Appeals, experience and knowledge of the law matters. The Berkshire Law Office recently won one of the most important Appellate cases of 2014, if not the last decade. The decision in Volk v. Brame, argued at the Court of Appeals by Keith Berkshire, reasserted the constitutional protections for due process against artificially short hearings in Family Court. The Volk decision will undoubtedly be cited to for the foreseeable future by Family Law Attorneys and litigants when trial courts try to restrict their time to present evidence. This was a monumental win for the Berkshire Law Office and for Arizona family court litigants.

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