Brownstein Rask LLP

Founded in 1971, for 40 years, Brownstein Rask has been a prominent midsize general practice law firm. Since its formation, Brownstein Rask has represented its clients with experience and accessibility.

The firm prides itself on its accessibility. The late Dick Brownstein constantly reminded lawyers at the firm to be ready and available for the firm's clients. The message of accessibility doesn't stop with answering the phones, rather it only begins. The firm is located in the historic 1200 S.W. Main Building located in the upper southwest end of downtown Portland, which provides free surface parking for the firm's clients. Better yet, it allows clients to drop in on a moments


Accessibility, however, is only half of the equation. The other half is experience. The firm prides itself on providing its clients with lawyers experienced in various disciplines who are able to respond to a host of legal issues. All of the partners at Brownstein Rask have at least 10 years of experience and several of the firm's lawyers have been practicing for over 30 years.

The firm's commitment to maintaining experienced attorneys in various fields allows the firm to provide counsel to businesses and individuals on a wide array of legal matters. The firm has several business attorneys who handle all legal aspects of a business' operations. Additionally, the firm maintains a vibrant trial and appellate practice, which allows the firm to represent its clients in every legal matter, from start to finish. Most importantly, because of the firm's experienced lawyers, clients do not pay a lawyer to learn at the client's expense. The firm understands that clients expect efficient advice from experienced lawyers. The firm prides itself on meeting its clients' expectations.

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