Cannon Disability Law

Calling our office for a consultation is FREE.There is no cost to you to become our client. No attorney fee is charged until we win your case. If we lose your case, you never pay an attorney fee. This is called a contingency fee. When you become a client of Cannon Disability Law, our lawyers will help you every step of the way in your application for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. We will assist you in completing the necessary applications, questionnaires, and appeals, and we will ensure that each document meets our strict standards. We will request your medical histories from your past and present doctors, and we will follow up on your applications and documentation to make certain that your application is getting the attention it deserves. We will let you know if we need your help getting medical records so that you are not charged unnecessary medical record request fees. When you choose our firm, we are on your team and your case will be presented in the strongest, most convincing manner possible.There is no charge for us to evaluate your case or to visit our offices. When you call us, a paralegal will ask you basic questions about your case and will set up an appointment for you. An attorney will review your case and meet with you. There is no charge for meeting with the attorney and there is no obligation to become our client simply because you meet with us or ask us questions. There is no attorney fee unless our firm wins your case. Cannon Disability Law can represent you at the beginning of your case when you first file your application, or we can become your representative at any point during your appeals process. We can represent you at a hearing, before the Appeals Council, or in Federal Court. Please call us at (801) 322-2121 or (800) 732-2323 and we will answer any questions you have about becoming our client.

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