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ave you been involved in a trucking accident? Have you sustained any other type of personal injury due to the neglect of others? Injuries and accidents can often leave victims feeling overwhelmed with stress and confusion. The financial, medical and emotional burdens that follow these types of tragedies can be crippling.

Don't go through this alone. Phone Cardone. Our respected and experienced Louisiana trucking accident law firm will work hard to make sure the law works for you. The legal solution for the people of New Orleans

For more than 35 years, Cliff Cardone has been a highly sought after legal talent in the New Orleans community. Respected by his peers and recommended to

others by his clients, Cliff's experience, professionalism and compassion make him a reliable source for exceptional legal counsel. He concentrates in personal injury and his Louisiana truck accident law firm is one of the finest in the greater New Orleans area.

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