Carlson Boyd PLLC

Flexibility, Efficiency and Personal Service

Law is a constantly evolving field. The never-ending stream of decisions, changes in substantive law and changes in procedure mean that success is literally a moving target. When representing clients, the ability to embrace change and adapt accordingly is paramount, and the ability to do this is maximized in smaller, more efficient law firms. Smaller firms such as Carlson Boyd typically have fewer lawyers in control of the business of the firm-fewer cooks in the kitchen so to speak. Instead of a bureaucratic management committee or endless layers of supervising attorneys, our lawyers effectively operate as their own bosses and need no

permission to vary their practice to meet the demands of our clients. Small firms such as ours are much quicker to make decisions and implement changes; a necessity in today's business climate.

Carlson Boyd also has an edge over larger firms in terms of adopting and utilizing technology. With the advent of the laptop age, technology has irrevocably decentralized the control of information and made it easier to stay on top of changes in Washington law. While large firms may have an advantage in terms of economies of scale and buying equipment at reasonable prices, smaller firms have a huge advantage in being able to actually utilize the latest technology. Invariably, it is cheaper, faster and more effective for the trial lawyer to be in control of the technology. This can be accomplished only by having the trial lawyer call the shots on the technology - not some centralized purchasing department.

The lawyers at Carlson Boyd recognize and value the personal relationships that are at the heart of the legal profession. We understand that it is imperative that attorneys foster and promote the personal relationships that yield timely, consistent responses and results. Instead of dealing with lengthy delays and unnecessary hierarchies, our attorneys are empowered to personally handle the legal needs of our clients in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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