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At the Cogdell Law Firm, our focus is to offer our clients, whether they be individuals or entities, the best possible representation. We believe that a criminal defense lawyers first obligation is to the client. We believe in hard work, diligence, passion, and dedicate the best of our skills and judgment to our clients. We do our best to convey a belief that justice may be found within a system that does not always appear to be just and that too often is not. We offer compassion, empathy and a sense of understanding to client’s caught up in a new world that often they cannot fathom. We have an unflagging belief in our client’s innocence or, at the very least, in their right to a fair result and an understanding that the prosecution is required to prove any and all allegations made beyond any reasonable doubt.

The lawyers at the Cogdell Law Firm carry a burden and responsibility that makes us different from other lawyers. We do not represent the accused simply because the accused deserves a defense. We represent the accused to keep the government at bay, to do everything in our power to limit the possibility of an abuse of power, and to do everything we can to make the system work. While some may think it is not, this responsibility is both our duty and obligation.

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