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The law firm of Dungan, McGraw & Kappers traces its origins in Troy to the early 1900?s. In 1905, J.C. Fullerton passed the bar and was admitted to the practice of law. He established an office in Troy, which he maintained as a sole practitioner until 1937 when J. Cameron Dungan joined his firm and the firm name became Fullerton & Dungan. Shortly after the death of J.C. Fullerton in 1943, J. Cameron Dungan was joined by his father, The Reverend Irvine Dungan, in the practice of law under the partnership name of Dungan & Dungan. Reverend Dungan had served as Troy's Presbyterian minister from 1919 to 1937.

After the death of Reverend Dungan in 1952, J. Cameron Dungan maintained

his law firm primarily as a sole practitioner until joined by William J. McGraw III in 1972. In 1976 they formed the law firm of Dungan & McGraw, which remained the name of the firm after Mr. Dungan's death in 1977. The firm name was changed in 1980 when it was incorporated under the name of Dungan, McGraw & Kappers Co., L.P.A. with the admission of Alan M. Kappers as partner. Michael L. Cargill was named a partner in 1988 and became an equity owner in 1991.

In 1969 Townsend Foster, Jr. and John A. Wannemacher joined ranks to form Foster & Wannemacher. Five years later they were joined by Michael A. Baer, who was newly admitted to the practice of law, and Richard LeFevre who had been in solo practice in Troy since the late 1940?s. LeFevre, Foster, Wannemacher and Baer welcomed Michelle Gearhardt aboard in 1982.

In 1991 the two firms merged the practices into a single entity for the purpose of providing their clients a broader range of legal services and to take advantage of certain economies of scale.

What We Believe

Dungan & LeFevre, a legal professional association, was founded on personal integrity, professional expertise, client service, and community involvement and shall remain committed to these values.

Our purpose is to creatively and economically solve legal problems for clients through delivery of a broad range of quality legal services.

Maintaining the highest ethical standards, all associated with the firm shall endeavor to provide legal service in a personal, responsive, and understanding manner.

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