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Connors Morgan, PLLC

At Connors Morgan, PLLC, WE PLAY FOR THE TEAM. We take the position that business leaders need to view their accountants, bankers, lawyers, and other consultants as a team, and we encourage our clients to introduce us to their "team members" and allow us to work together, rather than in a vacuum, so that we can serve our clients in a way that is legally sound and financially effective. We stand ready to assist business owners and businesses small and large, new and old. We practice law -- and we practice business.

As a business owner, sometimes you need to anticipate expenses, including legal bills. Connors Morgan shows it understands business needs by offering VALUE-BASED BILLING for

some services. For certain documents or services, you may request a value-billing arrangement upon completion of an agreement to which we both consent before work commences. Talk with our attorneys to see if the legal services you request qualify for value-based billing.

We at Connors Morgan, PLLC, serve our clients and ourselves by adhering to our values of excellence, integrity and dedication to service.

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