Coughlin & Gerhart LLP

When seeking a law firm to handle their legal needs, many people at first believe that it is better to find a firm with attorneys and lawyers who only handle their particular kind of case.

This is understandable, but it misses the significant benefits and advantages of entrusting a case with a multi-dimensional law firm that has a team of experienced attorneys who collectively have experience practicing in extensive areas of the law. As important as experience is, so is the ability to collaborate in order to develop legal strategies that pave the way for a client’s long-term success. A personal injury client may have estate planning needs following a significant settlement, and a business client may need assistance with land use and zoning issues. Legal issues often build off one another, and the best representation is that which can resolve current problems, while also anticipating and preventing future issues.

While our firm and its predecessors have guided clients since the 1890s, we are not an old "traditional" law firm. Even our new main office at 99 Corporate Drive, Binghamton reflects our approach: a new location with ease of access and easy parking convenience in mind; wifi corners in our reception area for your private use; attorney collaboration areas where we can team up to solve your legal problems, and much more. Visit and talk with us. Discover the difference. It’s time that we build together a legal relationship that starts with you.

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