Crowe & Dunn

Crowe & Dunn is a Boston law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation with unrivaled results. We pride ourselves on being zealous advocates and thoughtful counselors to both our individual and our corporate clients. Because we are all seasoned trial attorneys, who have honed our skills both in and out of courtrooms, we know when to be aggressive and when situations call for finesse. Our firm has the advantage of being a small practice with skilled lawyers who are able to devote individualized attention to each of our clients and we work as a team to obtain the optimal outcome for each case.

During our 15 years of existence, Crowe & Dunn has never participated in any paid marketing or other paid advertising efforts. Crowe & Dunn has the highest possible rating from the international legal directory Martindale-Hubbell, and our clients are almost exclusively referred to us by other law firms, attorneys, and present and former clients.

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