Egerton, McAfee, Armistead & Davis, P.C.

Egerton, McAfee, Armistead & Davis, P.C. is a diverse team of multi-talented professionals who are committed to providing superior legal representation for their clients. The attorneys at Egerton, McAfee take great pride in developing a partnership of trust with its clients rather than merely providing legal advice.

Egerton, McAfee has been engaged primarily in the practice of corporate civil law, with an emphasis on tax and business matters, since 1932.

Because the attorneys at Egerton, McAfee strive to foster long-lasting relationships with their clients, trust and loyalty are natural byproducts of the work they do. The firm’s clients also benefit from the comprehensive attention they receive—its lawyers have developed expertise in multiple areas, which allows the firm to take a thorough approach to legal matters at hand.

The best kind of client service is also the best kind of community service: Egerton, McAfee believes great things are happening in Knoxville, and is committed to being an asset to the progress of its hometown. The firm continuously endeavors to be a responsible corporate citizen, offering pro bono services to several charitable organizations.

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