Field, Manning, Stone, Hawthorne, & Aycock, P.C.

The firm of Field, Manning, Stone, Hawthorne, & Aycock is made up of several attorneys, some of whom have practiced in the Lubbock and West Texas areas since the 1970s. What began as a small group of attorneys focused on tax and estate planning has grown in size and scope to what is now a regional law firm offering a comprehensive list of legal services.

Today, the firm is comprised of attorneys with decades of experience, as well as younger attorneys, both men and women, all working together to sustain the firm's operations for years to come. The firm continues its primary focus on the areas of tax and estate planning while greatly expanding its legal services to include all types of litigation in both state and federal courts throughout Texas and New Mexico. Our emphasis has always been, and continues to be, providing the highest quality of legal services to all our clients to help them preserve and grow their personal and professional wealth. Effective people and businesses need a forward thinking legal team, and you will find that here.

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