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If you, or a loved one, should be so unfortunate as to be accused of a crime, driving under the influence, or served with a notice of civil suit, it is important that you speak with, and are represented by, an experienced Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

At every step, the case against you is prosecuted by legal professionals. Unless you are represented by an experienced criminal, DUI, or foreclosure defense attorney you will be at an immediate and dangerous disadvantage to those working to either prosecute and convict you or to prevail in the civil action filed against you.

For criminal cases, the period between arrest and arraignment is critical. For a civil suit, you have a short time period to respond before you may be found to be in default. In either case, without immediate expert attention, many of your options may disappear or you may unknowingly waive many of your legal rights or defenses.

As a Jacksonville, Florida based Criminal and Civil Defense Lawyer, experienced in general Criminal Defense, in both State and Federal Courts, for Adult and Juvenile charges, DUI Defense, and Foreclosure Defense cases, The Jax Family and Criminal Law Firm promises personalized attention, a thoughtful, aggressive defense, and excellent communication with you, the Client.

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