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You have legal rights. We protect them! You have legal problems. We solve them! You want positive results. We get them!

Have you been arrested and/or charged with any criminal offense? You may be intimidated, nervous and in desperate need of honest and genuine legal advice free from manipulation and/or questions regarding how much money you have! Your freedom and your future are both at stake. You may think that you are alone but you are not! At Gaxiola & Associates, PLLC, Phoenix Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys, we can help you. We have helped countless people just like you.

It does not matter what criminal offenses you are facing. Remember, the foundation of our criminal justice system was built upon the presumption of innocence. Many people today seem to forget or ignore this important fact. Many believe that if you are arrested and/or charged for any criminal offense, then you are surely guilty of committing that crime.

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