Gilder & Howell, P.A.

Gilder Howell & Associates, P.A. is a law firm which was founded in July, 2000, by Jefferson D. Gilder and Jamie W. Howell, Jr. Mr. Howell began practicing law at the Gilder Law Firm upon graduation from law school in 1988. Gilder Law Firm was founded and headed by Robert G. Gilder, the legendary Mid-South trial lawyer. Jefferson D. Gilder joined his father's firm in 1990, where he and Howell worked together for three years and were tutored by the master trial tactician, Robert Gilder. Howell left Gilder Law Firm in 1993 to begin a solo practice. He remained in solo practice until his reunion with Jefferson D. Gilder in June, 2000. Jefferson Gilder was a partner in Gilder Law Firm, P.C. for ten years. Upon the death of Robert G. Gilder on December 24, 2000, Jefferson Gilder and Jamie Howell joined forces to establish the new law firm of Gilder Howell & Associates, P.A., carrying on the elder Gilder's legal ideals, ethical priorities and work ethic. We believe that there is something more important than political correctness, and that is moral correctness.Gilder & Howell, P.A. believes in protecting the rights of the individual and small business from those who might attempt to take advantage of them, such as insurance companies, big business, corporate America, and overzealous law enforcement. You could say that we work for the little fellers not the Rockefellers. Gilder & Howell, P.A. believes that all constitutional and human rights are of essential importance and, as such, we would strive to ensure their applicability, strength and protection for all citizens through our practice of law. Dedication and service to our clients is always our first priority. Love for our profession and our determination to provide the best counsel possible to the individual all come together to create an atmosphere of success within our office.

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