Gold, Weems, Bruser, Sues & Rundell A Professional Law Corporation

Since 1950 the Gold Weems has molded solutions for the businesses and the people of the Central South. Vision, strong relationships and commitment to excellence are our hallmarks. As one of the state's largest and most diversified law firms outside New Orleans, Gold Weems has achieved and maintained its preeminent position in the Louisiana legal community through the quality and dedication of its members and staff. Uncompromising standards are reflected in the ability and integrity of these professionals. The approach of the Gold Weems to the practice of law seeks to ensure that each client is served not by a single lawyer, but by firm-wide resources and expertise. The availability of counsel with training and experience in areas of specialization, each committed to analyzing a problem from the client's perspective, assures the efficient achievement of that objective.The Gold Weems diverse practice breaks generally into two areas: Business Law, in which the focus is on advice, planning, solving problems, document preparation and other transaction-oriented work; and Litigation, in which dispute resolution is the central theme. The firm is organized along these primary lines, with individual concentration in specialty areas.

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