Goldstein Gragel LLC

Founded in 2008, Goldstein Gragel brings together lawyers with more than 70 years of collective experience in labor and employment law, employee benefits and civil and criminal litigation.

From alternative dispute resolution to complex litigation and appeals, the firm is dedicated to providing creative, sound and precise legal representation for our clients.

We take pride in our long history of representing the legal interests of a broad spectrum of labor unions and employee benefit trusts. Our firm represents public and private unions and/or affiliated funds for the construction, industrial, service, professional and law enforcement sectors.

As one of northeast Ohio's mostexperienced labor and employment law teams, Goldstein Gragel represents a broad range of clients who rely on our expertise and advice.

The firm's attorneys assist and counsel clients during times of extraordinary personal changes and conflict. Employees facing workplace harassment, discrimination and grievances receive prompt and effective response by capable advocates. Those facing civil litigation about important issues and those facing white collar criminal prosecution are represented by experienced lawyers who meet their needs for confident and innovative strategies. The firm serves clients through mediation, arbitration, court litigation and appeals.

Goldstein Gragel focuses on the representation of labor unions and employee benefit trusts. In an era when national and international economic forces bring unique change, the firm's attorneys guide their labor and ERISA clients to meet new demands and regulations.

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