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Felony charges? A misdemeanor? It makes no difference. Every criminal charge is serious. In fact, a criminal conviction of any kind could severely limit your future employment opportunities or even cost you your job if you hold a professional license or work in certain occupations, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is also the possibility of fines, court costs, a jail or prison sentence, a lengthy period of probation and much more to consider.

With this much at stake, even on a misdemeanor DUI or drug possession charge, the last thing you need right now is a part-time criminal defense lawyer. What you do need is an attorney who focuses on this area of the law and who has had success with virtually every type of criminal case under the sun.

At Greg S. Law, PLLC, in Murray, Utah, we've dedicated our practice to criminal defense and criminal defense only. We've built our reputation in this area by providing ethical yet thoroughly aggressive defense representation. Our approach has enabled us help our clients minimize and even avoid the consequences associated with serious criminal charges, time and again.

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