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The American justice system is considered by many to be the finest on earth. It is also extremely complicated. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime, you need an experienced attorney working for you. The consequences are too serious to entrust your criminal defense case to anyone else.

We are criminal defense attorneys Greg Smith and Associates. Since we began practicing law in 1992, we have been the lawyers of choice for thousands of people accused of crimes in Salt Lake City and the surrounding parts of Utah.

We have invaluable experience in criminal law on both sides of the courtroom. Spencer Robinson, has quite a resume, which includes the fact that he prosecuted cases for West Valley City, and was an ALJ (judge) for many years, too. Jordan Putnam received a lot of prosecutorial experience before being sworn in as an attorney, as did Attorney Greg Smith, who also prosecuted cases while studying for the bar exam.

Here is what his former boss, D. Davis, former lead prosecutor, said of him: [Greg Smith] assisted me in Court, with the prosecution work we did as City Attorneys for the City of Mission, Texas. The cases involved traffic violations, assaults, thefts. [He] also assisted in court appearances. [He] gained considerable experience in procedure and working with law enforcement officers, methods of presenting evidence, including direct and cross-examination of witnesses, and above all, comprehensive preparation of cases for trial." Jim Smith received prosecutorial training at the Utah attorney general's office. For more detail, just click on their names above.

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