Gyllenborg & Brown, P.A.

No other area of the law allows the government to intrude more deeply into the life of an individual, or into the dealings of a business, than criminal prosecution. The search of your body, your home, or your vehicle by the government – with or without a warrant – is just one feature of criminal prosecution that makes it uniquely personal. Another is the potential loss of significant individual freedoms, including the right to personal liberty; the right to travel; the right to privacy; the right to associate; the right to free speech; and the privilege to operate a motor vehicle, watercraft, or aircraft. Equally distressing, once a prosecution begins, the public often considers the accused to be guilty of the crime charged, before any evidence has been presented in court.

For these and other reasons, Gyllenborg & Brown handles a client’s criminal defense confidentially, ethically, and zealously. We also scrupulously honor our client’s wishes regarding the resolution of the case. At Gyllenborg & Brown, we discuss potential legal issues and possible outcomes of the case with our client so he or she can make well-informed decisions about how the case should proceed. The client who desires a trial to a jury or a judge will get a seasoned and experienced criminal defense trial lawyer. The client who wishes to have the case resolved quickly and discreetly without trial will get a skilled negotiator and a zealous advocate. We treat all our clients with respect, loyalty, and professionalism.

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