Harwell Howard Hyne Gabbert & Manner, P.C.

Our business is business law. h3gm lawyers provide sophisticated legal advice in all types of transactions, proceedings and other matters critical to our clients’ business success.

What We Do

From business start-ups to large public companies, our attorneys provide innovative legal advice that helps our corporate clients achieve their business objectives.

h3gm is dedicated exclusively to business law. Our attorneys handle corporate transactions and business disputes. To learn more about our specific areas of expertise click here.

How We Do It

We provide each h3gm client a team of experienced corporate attorneys and paralegals overseen by a lead partner who ensures efficiency, value and open communication appropriate to the matter. While clients have access to anyone working on their matter, it is the lead attorney's responsibility to ensure timeliness; update the client; and oversee all legal work.

To ensure we can serve all of our clients’ business-related transactional and litigation needs, we are members of The Law Firm Alliance - an affiliation of law firms that includes over 2,500 attorneys in more than 50 firms throughout North America and around the globe.

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