Houghton Bradford Whitted PC, LLO

A truly successful law firm must be totally service-oriented. This means its lawyers must be willing to commit all the time, energy and resources necessary to:

  • Learn and fully understand our clients' goals and business or family issues;
  • Regularly meet with the clients to discuss the status of all legal matters;
  • Invest in the development of programs that prevent legal problems as well as identify new opportunities, cost savings and incentives;
  • Invest in the technology necessary to efficiently and effectively serve our clients;
  • Provide our clients with realistic budgets and realistic expectations.

Our firm's willingness to commit our energy and capital to this approach stems from our belief that our success will be derived from the success and satisfaction of our clients as we help them attain their goals and from the attraction of clients who will find this committed approach an effective and efficient way to handle legal matters.

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