Howson Law Office

Howson Law Office is a criminal defense law firm focused exclusively on the representation of persons accused of crimes. We specialize in DUI defense and also represent persons accused of a variety of other crimes such as assault, theft, juvenile offenses, and drug possession. We handle Department of Licensing (DOL) administrative driver's license hearings and vigorously assist clients in obtaining and reinstating their driving privileges. Additionally, we regularly help people remove old convictions from the official state records and obtain restoration of firearm rights.

-Cutting Edge DUI Defense

-Expungement & Record Sealing

-Personal & Property Crimes

-Search & Seizure Issues

-Deferred Prosecutions

-Traffic Infractions

-Juvenile Offenses

-DOL Hearings

-Domestic Violence

-Restoration of Firearm Rights

-Reinstatement of Driver's License

-Drug Charges

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