Hulnick, Stang, Gering & Leavitt, P.A.

Our law firm provides criminal defense at the federal, state, and municipal court levels from trial through appeals. While a large percentage of our clients have been charged with DUI or Refusal, we also represent clients charged with any felony, misdemeanor or traffic infraction. See our sections on DUI-Refusal/Alcohol/Drug Offenses, Sex Crimes and White Collar Crime for more detailed information regarding our criminal law focus.

The lawyers at our law firm appreciate our role in the community, and we strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. While vigorously representing the rights of our clients, when it has been determined that our clients need alcohol or drug treatment, we insist that they follow through and receive that treatment. This stance, we believe, not only serves our clients best interests; it also helps protect the community that we all share. In addition, our attorneys also regularly instruct at the Wichita Intervention Program, an educational program attended by those convicted of DUI.

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