Jason Gilbert Attorney At Law

Have you ever hired a lawyer only to primarily interact with their secretary or assistant? Did you get very familiar with your lawyer’s voicemail? Couldn’t get your calls returned and felt your lawyer was just too busy to listen?
You will not have that experience with Jason Gilbert!
While many firms look to take on as many cases as they possibly can, Jason Gilbert is selective in the number of cases he handles at any given time. This allows him to provide the focused and attentive representation you need when addressing a legal issue that likely will have a dramatic impact on your life.
Jason Gilbert is committed to prompt and responsive client service. In short, this means that you will never be left wondering about the status of your case as you will receive constant updates on your proceedings, and will receive answers to all of your questions in fewer than 24 hours. After all, your lawyer is there to help you resolve your confusion and frustration, not add to it.
Legal issues, regardless of their focus, are often confusing and frustrating matters to deal with. When you or your family encounters a troubling legal issue, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced attorney to learn more about your case and the options you may have for resolving it.

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