John M. Colette & Associates

The prosecution in a criminal case, whether federal or state, is charged with establishing and proving each and every element of the charged offense in order to convict an accused. As a defense firm, John M. Colette & Associates has a full understanding of the law and the complexities of the criminal process. Mr. Colette is a well-respected criminal defense attorney whose practice focuses on complex federal and state criminal charges and white-collar crimes. The firm will provide individualized attention to you and your case and thoroughly prepare you for what to expect during the process.

Defendants in a criminal case are entitled to significant constitutional protections that apply throughout the criminal process, beginning with the investigation of the crime up through the time of arrest, trial, and sentencing. Given the complexities inherent in criminal justice system, it is critical that a defendant selects an experienced, zealous advocate who has a clear understanding of the procedural, evidentiary, and substantive rules of law in order to present an effective defense in court.

John M. Colette has almost four decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of criminal defense matters. He has extensive “actual” experience in handling the intricacies involved in complex criminal litigation. Our clients benefit from Mr. Colette's “real” courtroom experience gained from trying several cases from start to finish, in both State and Federal court. Our firm will strive to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected at every step in the criminal litigation process.

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