John Parras Law Office

Helping good people with once-in-a-lifetime problemsJohn is happy to represent good people with once-in-a-lifetime problems. He built a reputation in and out of the courthouse for hard work, honesty, straightforward advice and courage. He enjoys using his experience to help people who find themselves in extraordinary and perilous circumstances from which they are desperately trying to reclaim their lives. John offers attentive and understanding counsel, robust advocacy and a determination to fight for the best outcome. John has handled a wide range of state and federal criminal cases
  • In state courts, he has experience dealing with misdemeanor and felony cases, from DWI, theft, domestic violence and illegal dumping to murder, aggravated sexual assault, drug cases and mortgage fraud.
  • In federal court, he has experience handling cases involving allegations of conspiracy, health care fraud, child pornography, immigration fraud, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin distribution, theft of trade secrets, money laundering, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and loan fraud.
  • John has experience representing targets and non-targets in criminal investigations.
  • John has experience representing individuals in SEC investigations and inquiries.
  • John represents companies as well as individuals and company executives.

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