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Jones Granger has been representing railway employees for over 50 years in matters pertaining to on-the-job injuries, asbestos-related disease, injuries due to exposure to toxic chemicals, and many other railroad-related issues.The railroad trade labor unions have appointed certain attorneys to act as their "designated counsel". Union appointed attorneys serve the unions in a variety of advisory roles.

As designated counsel, Jones Granger specializes in the representation of railroad employees for injuries suffered on the job. Railroad workers, like no other workers in the country, fall under a federal law commonly known as the "Federal Employers' Liability Act" or FELA. It is important to understand that this is a highly specialized law that requires experienced FELA attorneys. Railroad accident attorneys, or FELA lawyers, must completely understand this law to represent the railroad employee with regard to their FELA injury.Our home office is located at 10000 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas. Our team of attorneys, field representatives, investigators, legal assistants and other essential support personnel provide the injured railroad worker the finest representation available.

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