Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson Chartered

Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, Chartered ("KBYW") is a midsized law firm located in Salina, Kansas. KBYW serves clients in Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and throughout the United States. The firm was formed in 1961 when Thomas J. Kennedy and Robert B. Berkley merged their individual practices. In the early years, KBYW gained prominence for its general business and banking practices. Over the years KBYW has expanded its reach to include representation in all types of trial and appellate matters in state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

Our attorneys provide representation in nearly all areas of the law, including business and banking transactions, civil litigation, domestic and family issues, personal injury and employment and labor issues. Our attorneys are committed to delivering prompt and innovative solutions to KBYW's diverse client base. The firm's growth and success over the years is attributable to its treatment of each client as unique and special to the firm, whether the client is an individual, a large multi-national corporation or a sole proprietor. We believe in building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. Regardless of the legal issue, we understand that to provide responsive and pragmatic legal advice, we must understand our clients' needs and understand their industries.

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