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There are two basic reasons that everyone at the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland personal injury law firm Kenneth J. Allen Law Group works as hard as they do: first, everyone wants to help the client who has been seriously hurt or killed, as well as their families. Using the available state and federal laws that deal with personal injuries to innocent victims, the law firm takes its collective skill and years of expertise to fight for maximum justice for each and every client.

It is truly an honor to be able to fight for the rights of injury victims in this country.

But that's not enough. It's not enough to work with folk who have had their lives forever changed because of a serious injury or wrongful death, as rewarding as it is to see justice done in an individual case. For the personal injury law firm of Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, there is also the commitment to fight that these types of accidents and injuries don't happen again.

Accordingly, Kenneth J. Allen Law Group carefully screens each potential case before taking it on, and one of the key questions the firm always asks is:

Will a greater good be served?

Because at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, it is not enough to get compensation and justice for clients, it is imperative that best efforts are used to prevent tragedies from happening in the future.

Million-dollar Jury Verdicts, the Tort Reform Movement, and Justice

As the only multi-state law firm in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland accepting solely serious injury and wrongful death cases, Kenneth J. Allen Law Group is a personal injury law firm with extensive experience and practical knowledge in the details and procedures that can make or break a case.

The tort reform movement has created a growing aversion to and distrust of -- large jury verdicts. Still, the personal injury law firm of Kenneth J. Allen Law Group has succeeded in conveying a simple fact to juries, insurance companies and at-fault corporations, and it's an answer to those who blindly want to limit million dollar jury verdicts.

Simply put, lawsuits cover real costs that real people incur when they are seriously hurt by the negligent or irresponsible behavior of others often staggeringly high costs they would not face if they had never been injured. These costs, when accurately and judiciously tallied to account for medical inflation and quality of life issues, can be staggering. And, this is true before any consideration is made for "punishment" or "punitive" damages which are established in the law to discourage bad acts in some situations by the law itself. Tort reform, in its efforts to seek justice for the citizenry overall by limiting jury verdicts, should not (and cannot) result in injustice to the individual.

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