Koenig|Dunne Divorce Law PC LLO

For over 30 years our firm has been serving the Omaha community as irrevocable advocates. Clients appreciate our ability to truly understand their needs, be zealous advocates, and give full support.

At Koenig|Dunne Divorce Law we understand that the legal process is about more than just winning in a courtroom. It is about passionately listening to the dreams and fears of our clients as we support them to reach their desired goals.

Our mission is to fearlessly serve and support our clients. The firm's reputation for excellence and cutting edge legal advocacy comes from our long tradition of this service.

The close relationship that we at Koenig|Dunne Divorce Law maintain with our clients creates a level of trust that leads to outcomes clients seek. That's why so many of our clients refer their friends and family members to us for their legal needs.

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