Law Firm of Roger "Rocky" Walton, P.C.

We are divided into three teams: Pre-Litigation, Litigation, and Administrative. Each team has a team leader and does its part to insure that your case is handled with the goal of achieving maximum recovery as soon as reasonably possible. Unless your case is already in litigation when we begin, your case will begin with The Pre-Litigation Team. This team has a licensed insurance adjuster as the team leader. This team also has an LVN, and legal assistant. This team coordinates with licensed investigators, medical doctors, and other professionals to do a thorough job of investigation to prove liability and to document damages for future recovery. About 75%, or more, of our cases settle in pre-litigation. If your case cannot be settled without filing suit, your case then goes to the Litigation Team. This team consists of two qualified Trial Lawyers, litigation paralegal, and law clerk. This team prepares your case for mediation and will try to settle the case at that level. If your case does not settle at mediation, your case is prepared for trial. Over 95% of personal injury cases settle before trial. However, if there is no settlement offer you want to accept, this team takes the case to trial and through appeal, if necessary. When your case is resolved through verdict or settlement, it then goes to the Administrative Team. This team is made up of two bookkeepers and a licensed insurance adjuster to make sure that all the accounting for court costs and other expenses is correct and that all liens are reduced to the extent possible

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