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Since 2008 I have been a Miami DUI lawyer representing clients accused of drunk driving charges and I have developed a strong passion for this area of law and consequently I have earned a strong reputation for aggressive defense of DUI charges. Prior to starting my practice I was an Assistant State Attorney in Miami prosecuting all levels of crimes from misdemeanors to felony including DUIs. I understand how the system works and I understand that the key to defending a DUI charge is to fight the little details in the case. You may have been arrested for a DUI but are you really guilty of a DUI? Did the police officer actually follow his training or did he make mistakes or take short cuts? Field sobriety exercises are not 100% accurate and are usually administered incorrectly. Breath test machines are inaccurate and prone to errors and overestimation. Written reports leave out crucial information that can be used to prove your innocence. There are 24 clues to determine if your driving pattern is that of a driver that is impaired yet how many clues did the officer actually observe?

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