Law Office Of Bryan, Lykins & Hejtmanek

If you have been injured, involved in an accident, hurt at work — or a loved one has been killed — because of someone else's negligence, you need the best possible legal representation to help put your life back together and see justice served. In Topeka, Shawnee County and Northeast Kansas, that means the Law Office of Bryan, Lykins & Hejtmanek. Topeka lawyers you can count on.

The Law Office of Bryan, Lykins & Hejtmanek gets results. We are Topeka lawyers who focus in representing Kansas plaintiffs in:

  • Personal Injury,
  • Workers' Compensation,
  • Wrongful Death

cases and we pride ourselves on our proven ability to get substantial jury verdicts and recoveries for our clients. Our Topeka law firm is not a general practice. Rather, we focus in serving Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death cases. The Topeka lawyers of Bryan, Lykins & Hejtmanek have successfully handled thousands of Kansas cases over many years and collectively offer more than 100 years experience in the legal practice of Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death Kansas Law for the injured or grieving person.

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