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The prospect of the end of a marriage, the wrongful termination of employment, the filing of criminal charges, or any other type of legal proceeding can leave you feeling hurt, angry, confused, and isolated. Litigation is traumatic. Yet, the legal system expects a person facing the trauma of litigation to make rational and well-reasoned decisions; decisions that often have long-lasting and life-changing implications.

Unfortunately, the “fight or flight” response of many to the prospect of litigation is to hire the first attorney they see online, the first lawyer who is recommended by their family or friends, or the attorney with the office closest to their home or their work. Don't make this mistake.

Your choice of attorney is crucially important to how your case will proceed. While some disputes require full-blown litigation and trial, others do not. While aggressive representation may work for one client, it may not work for another. And, negotiation and compromise strategies that work for one client may backfire for another. We take the time to review the facts of your case, identify the key legal issues you face, and develop individually tailored strategies for your unique situation. We help our clients see the “Big Picture,” and then guide them to sensible and lasting solutions.

The Law Office of Richard Postma, P.C. is dedicated to counseling and representing individuals who are facing the types of litigation that often bring out the worst in otherwise reasonable and rationale people: Family Law, Employment Law, and Criminal Defense.

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