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Once retained, I gather information about your case. This includes speaking with witnesses, examining the police reports, and speaking with the prosecutor. I do everything I can do to find a weakness in the prosecution’s case. If I find legal or factual issues I will take the appropriate action on your behalf. I then advise you about your case, including possible defensive strategies and the existence of any plea bargain offer by the prosecutor. I negotiate the best plea I can under your specific set of facts and the particular prosecuting agency involved. After all of this, you and I will chart a course of action for the case. It is always your decision whether to go to trial or accept some other alternative disposition.Finally, I represent you in court, seeing your case through to disposition. This may include a trial or it may not. Remember it is always your choice and your choice alone as to whether you want to go to trial. You have that right guaranteed in the Unites States Constitution. Never forget. However, I do charge fees for trial preparation and for time spent in trial in most cases.

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