Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC

The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson are lawyers in Cincinnati dedicated to being an aggressive lawyer. Mr. Jackson battles for all of his clients throughout Cincinnati and Covington, Newport and Florence, Kentucky. As your lawyers in Cincinnati, Mr. Jackson and his associates also excel in negotiating personal injury settlements to get the maximum possible recovery for his clients. Many of our clients are referrals from our other satisfied clients and other lawyers in Cincinnati and Kentucky that have worked with our firm in the past. Other lawyers in Cincinnati trust our firm and refer us their clients that have been injured or arrested. We take pride knowing that we have helped many clients over the years and look forward to helping more people as their lawyers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in the future. We pay attention to each detail of a client's case and are willing to explore every legal option in order to come up with the best possible outcome for each client. Whether you are a person who has been injured in an accident, a family member of an injured person, or an individual that needs aggressive lawyers in Cincinnati to fight for them in the criminal justice system, Christopher L. Jackson and his dedicated support staff, are devoted to helping you win and being your lawyers in Cincinnati.

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