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DUI Defense

More and more people each year are charged with driving under the influence. But not all DUI cases are the same. In the case of alleged alcohol impairment, your blood alcohol content (BAC) can make a major difference in both the charges against you and in the penalties you face. Moreover, while the penalties for DUI are similar, and in some cases the same, whether alcohol or drugs are involved, the evidence that the prosecutor will seek to introduce in order to try to convict you will be markedly different. Additional variables are underage DUI, DUI with a child passenger, DUI causing injury, and aggravated DUI, among others.

Domestic Violence

Arrests for alleged domestic violence are on the increase. If you are the subject of a domestic violence call to the police, and there is an allegation, true or not, that violence or the threat of violence was involved, there will be an arrest. And because the police are under pressure to separate the individuals as quickly as possible, they often arrest the wrong person. Many domestic violence cases are “he said, she said” situations, where it is the statements by the participants, as opposed to any physical evidence, that may be used to try to convict you. An experienced Phoenix domestic violence lawyer is your best protection against a wrongful conviction.

Drug Crimes

The range of drug offenses in Arizona is substantial. They extend from possession of a small quantity of marijuana, to trafficking in and selling large quantities of hard drugs. The penalties, if you are convicted, could be as minor as a fine and probation, but might be as serious as years in state prison. In addition to the various penalties and activities related to drugs, the charges in your case will turn on the particular drug involved. The laws in Arizona are complex in this regard. Certain drugs are given special treatment under the statutes, and others are grouped in categories – dangerous drugs, narcotic drugs, and prescription-only drugs. You need an attorney who knows the difference.

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