Law offices of Di Maria & Cone

The firm’s founder, Philip A. Di Maria, became an attorney in California in 1939. When World War II started, Mr. Di Maria entered the army and landed on Normandy beach carrying a copy of the California Civil Code. He started the firm that is now Di Maria & Cone after he returned from World War II. His daughter, Anne Di Maria Cone, joined the firm in 1979 when she became an attorney. Philip Di Maria retired in 2000 and passed in 2007 and Anne Di Maria Cone retired in 2009. The firm continues to do business under the supervision of Steven J. Cone, Anne’s husband of over 30 years. The firm has been a family run business since its date of inception and prides itself on providing effective and creative solutions based on the needs of our individual clients. At Di Maria & Cone, we work with each client to find ways to cope with the turmoil of divorce, use mediation where possible, and give them the tools they need to thrive afterwards.


2600 El Camino Real, Suite 304
Palo Alto , California , 94306
United States

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